Join the Trailer $Park

A decentralized community

The Trailer Park is a community for those who want to build wealth in crypto, stocks, and do the party! We are creating the $PARK ecosystem to create an generate wealth over time. In the park ecosystem everything ties together to increase $Park value and value of Dwellers!

$PARK Token

The $PARK token started as a way to honor the late Uncle Rico. 50% of the total supply was put for public sale on Uniswap! While the other 50% will be locked up! It will be used for yield farming, $Park reserve or be burned! Point is, 50% is completely off the market!

Where to find us?

How to buy $PARK!


Each Dweller is unique and has been drawn by the Sevy septic guy. These images were generated from over 400 attributes from over 18 categories.

Each Dweller is stored on the Ethereum block chain and once we mint these dweller’s, they’ll be on Opensea for purchase. The Trailer Park Dweller’s for sale all have a starting price of .02 ETH.

Dweller’s serve as your ticket to a world of exclusive content. From developing new collections to fill the Trailer Park, to Dweller staking, there is plenty in the pipeline!

Dweller Specs

There are 10,420 Female Trailer Park Dweller NFT’s that have been programmatically made from over 400 attributes across 18 categories. As part of the $PARK ecosystem, being a dweller is essential to make the park run.


Helen – Trailer Wench or money master? No one knows.

Sherem – Wizard and Trailer Treasurer

Del – Master of Tokens

Sir Johnson – Master of Discords

VisaSucks – Discord Master

SnakeOilResearch – Park Master

The Septic Guy – Master Artist, lover of comic books

Edac – Master designer

Betty – Wordsmith


We want to be able to buy a cheeseburger with $PARK

Phase 1

  • Launch $Park token on Uniswap ✔️
  • Launch preliminary $Park website✔️
  • Launch preliminary $Dweller website✔️
  • Launch $Dweller  mintwebsite✔️
  • Improve Discord Community✔️
  • Discord  to 2,500 members
  • Donate money to Gary Sinise as Dweller’s are minted
  • Launch Twitter bot tracking Dweller sales
  • Meme Development


Phase 2

  • Improve $Park visiblity
  • Expand community via web and discord development
  • Influencer push
  • 2,500+ $park holders
  • Add more liquidity in the $Park pool
  • Listing on coinmarketcap
  • Air Drop #1
  • Giveaways
  • Seduce Helen into shit posting on the official Trailer Park twitter page.


Phase 3

  • Begin $Park Bet website testing
  • Revamp website
  • Expand $park to other block chains
  • Improve Discord Community
  • 5,000+ $Park holders
  • Community push and education
  • Launch Male Dwellers



Phase 4

  • Launch $Park official website
  • Dweller Staking!
  • $park Wallet development
  • What happens when you hold a male and a female dweller?
  • Dweller metaverse expansion